About me

My name is Jakub Szymsza and I study at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno, Czechia. I was fascinated by computers since I was young, so I started to learn how to program about 7 years ago. Originally I wrote only websites in PHP, later I discovered the charm of JavaScript so I also began creating mobile apps and desktop programs.


I use PHP framework Laravel to create websites more safely, easily and faster. I use SASS on frontend, jQuery or Vue in JavaScript. My favourite frontend frameworks are Materialize and Bootstrap. Git is a matter of course for me.

I was able to move my applications out of web thanks to node.js. I create mobile apps using Cordova and NativeScript, Electron allows me to create desktop programs - both cross-platformly.


Web without borders

I have been creating websites for over 7 years and I am experienced in wide range of projects. I can create a web tailored for you - a simple portfolio, an e-shop or a complex administrative system.


Mobile apps

Whether you need a simple app to support your website or your whole business needs a solid, complicated app, I can suit your needs. I can create the app of your dreams for you using JavaScript and release it for both Android and iOS.


Deployment made easy

My abilities are not limited to programming. After you web is done, I can buy a domain for you and deploy your website on a server. I can also help you to spread your app to your customers. You don't need to worry about the technical side of the project at all.


Address customers

Programming of a website is just the beginning - you need to target the right customers to be successful. That is why I am ready to help you with promoting your web or app through social media and various ad systems.


Material design

A product has to be attractive at the first sight. Therefore I create most of my webs and apps using elements of Material design that guarantees modern look on all devices and makes user interaction a real pleasure.



If all you are looking for is a simple blog or e-shop, I can help you create it using Wordpress. Wordpress makes development of your dream web easier and provides you with a simple administration that allows you to adjust the slightest details of your website.

Biggest achievements